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Statistical Analysis of Failure Causes of Medical Electronic Instruments Based on High Performance Processors

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.126


Xiao Ning, Zhong Jiahong

Corresponding Author

Xiao Ning


Medical Instruments Can Be Described as the Right-Hand Man of Doctors' Clinical Diagnosis. Various Types of Medical Failures Will Occur in the Use of Medical Instruments, Which Have Certain Restrictions on Clinical Diagnosis. Medical Electronic Instrument is a System. in Its Fault Diagnosis, It is Suitable to Use System Principles and Methods to Analyze the Interrelation between Various Elements in the System and between the System and the External Environment, to Put Forward Assumptions, and Then to Verify Whether the Assumptions Are True One by One, and to Push Forward Step by Step Until the Reason for the Failure is Found. in This Paper, High-Performance Processor Technology is Used to Make Statistical Analysis on the Causes of Medical Electronic Instrument Failures. It Provides an Important Reference for Extensive Failure Analysis Activities and Improving the Reliability Level of Electronic Measuring Instruments.


Medical Electronic Instruments; Cause of Failure; Analysis