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Research on Anti-Jamming Technology of Ultrashort Wave Radio Communication Based on Working Process

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.118


Liyan Li, Yunxing Wang

Corresponding Author

Liyan Li


with the Continuous Development of Science and Technology, Ultrashort Wave Anti-Jamming Technology Has Been Widely Used in the Field of Radio Communication, Greatly Improving the Quality of Radio Communication. Radio Communication Technology is Used in Many Industries in Our Country. through the Spread of Radio Communication Characteristics, It Has Become the Main Development Direction of Communication in the Future. in the Military Field, Ultrashort Wave Wireless Point Communication Technology Can Well Meet the Operational Requirements of Troops with High Mobility and Simple Construction and Operation. There Are Many Frequency-Used Devices in Daily Production, So the Ultra-Short Wave Wireless Communication Technology is Affected by the Surrounding Electromagnetic Wave Environment in the Actual Application Process, and Corresponding Interference Problems Occur. This Article Mainly Analyzes the Working Process of the Anti-Jamming Technology of Ultra-Short Wave Radio Communication as an Entry Point, So as to Lay the Foundation for the Use of Radio Communication Technology, So as to Ensure the Application Efficiency of China's Radio Communication Technology.


Radio Communications; Ultrashort Wave; Anti-Jamming