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Research on Visual Image Generation Based on Network Media and Its Influence on Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.117


Gou Shuangxiao

Corresponding Author

Gou Shuangxiao


Making Visual Information and Spreading Information Are the Main Purposes of Visual Communication Design. the Emergence of Network Media Has Changed the Way Information is Spread and People's Habit of Obtaining Information. with the Development and Application of Media Technology and Digital Image Technology, the Information Carrier Has Changed from Paying Equal Attention to Images and Characters to Relying Mainly on Images. Images Penetrate into People's Lives. People's Viewing and Understanding of Images Has Become a New Way of Thinking and Observing Things. through Visual Image, Image Breaks the Rational Mode of Language and Culture, Changes People's Habit of Rational Thinking, and Instead Presents Perceptual Image. Based on the Form of Network Media, This Paper Discusses the Influence of Image Generation on Information Transmission from the Aspects of the Importance and Characteristics of Image, the Advantages of Image in Information Transmission, the Influencing Factors of Image Information Transmission, and the Effective Information Transmission of Image in Visual Design.


Vision; Images; Internet Media; Spread