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Research on Design and Implementation of Chemical Automatic Storage Logistics Management System Based on Supply Chain Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.116


Zhang Shuai

Corresponding Author

Zhang Shuai


with the Increasing Demand for Logistics Turnover Speed in Modern Society, the Warehouse Operation Mode Recorded Manually Can No Longer Meet the Needs of the Market by Relying Solely on Manual Management. the Implementation of Warehouse Logistics Management is Conducive to Improving the Company's Service Level, Reducing Costs and Enhancing Competitiveness, Thus Optimizing the Entire Logistics Chain. in Order to Ensure That the Logistics Warehouse Management System is Always in a Controllable and Safe Supply Chain Management System State. Based on the Perspective of Supply Chain, This Paper Analyzes and Discusses the Basic Framework, Hardware Configuration and Workflow of the Chemical Automatic Storage and Logistics Management System, Aiming At Further Improving the Operation Efficiency of Chemical Storage and Logistics Facilities.


Supply Chain; Automated Storage and Logistics Management System; Rfid