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Experimental Study on Active Vibration Control of Large Flexible Structures Based on Neural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.114


Hongbin Yang, Huixia Ding

Corresponding Author

Hongbin Yang


with the Rapid Development of Aerospace Technology, Flexibility is an Important Development Trend of All Kinds of Aerospace Structures. Flexible Components Have Attracted More and More Attention, and the Problems of Elastic Deformation and Vibration Have Also Become the Focus of Research. Light Flexible Structure Can Increase the Weight of Payload and Improve the Efficiency of Vehicle. However, Reducing the Weight Often Increases the Flexibility of the Structure, Thus Causing Vibration of the Structure, Reducing the Operation Precision and the Service Life. the Traditional Vibration Control Method Has Been Seriously Challenged in This Field, Which Requires People to Carry out Active Vibration Control for Large Flexible Structures to Meet the Requirements of High-Tech Development Such as Aerospace Technology. Active Control Has Very Clear Feedback Loop, Excellent Adjustability and Adaptability. Based on the Neural Network, This Paper Studies the Vibration Suppression of Large Flexible Structures, Points out the Existing Problems of Active Control in Practical Systems, and Puts Forward the Improved Methods.


Flexible Structure; Vibration; Neural Network; Active Control