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Research on Computer Network Information, Network Security and Protection Strategies Based on Big Data Mining

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.113


Qiang Mei

Corresponding Author

Qiang Mei


under the Background of Continuous Social and Economic Development, Information Technology Has Ushered in a Peak Period of Vigorous Development. At This Stage, with the Development of Information Technology, the Era of Big Data Has Come, Which Has Changed the Means of Obtaining Data and Information in the Past, and Computers Are Facing Some Network Security Problems. under This Background, the New Generation of Computer Information Engineering Technology Will Get Great Development, and Information Technology Represented by Computer Technology is Also Changing People's Production and Life Style. in the Environment of Big Data Mining, People's Demand for the Mining and Utilization of Big Data Mining Has Become Increasingly Strong, Which Also Makes Computers the Main Tools for People to Mine and Utilize Data. This Paper Analyzes and Narrates Big Data Mining to Some Extent, and At the Same Time Puts Forward Relevant Policies for the Current Situation of Computer Network Security in the Era of Big Data for Reference.


Big Data Mining: Computer Network Information; Network Security; Strategy