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Research on Scheme Selection of Large Screen Display System in Traffic Emergency Monitoring Center Based on Cloud Service

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.112


Sun Qilin

Corresponding Author

Sun Qilin


with the Rapid Development of National High-Grade Highway Construction and the Progress of Science and Technology, the Screen Display System Has Been Fully Applied in the High-Grade Highway Monitoring System. Cloud Service is the Integration of Distributed Computing, Network Technology and Large-Scale Resource Management Technology. According to the Requirement of High Integration of Urban Traffic Automation System and the Problem That the Performance and Structure of Traditional Integrated Monitoring System Are Difficult to Meet, the Large Screen Display System Scheme of Urban Traffic Emergency Monitoring Center is Proposed by Analyzing the Key Technologies and System Architecture of Cloud Service. the Aim is to Realize the Functions of Dynamic Monitoring of Dangerous Parameters of Running Vehicles, Comprehensive Early Warning and Accurate Positioning, to Ensure That They Can Respond Quickly When Accidents Occur, and to Provide a Reference for the Current Emergency Rescue Work of Urban Traffic Accidents.


Cloud Services; Traffic Emergency Monitoring; Large Screen Display; System Scheme