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Research on Optimization Strategy of Power Communication Network for Load Balancing

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.105


Chen Shenghai, Jiang Fengying, Mi Xianwu

Corresponding Author

Chen Shenghai


With the rapid development of communication technology, the power communication network based on power grid construction plays an increasingly important role in improving the information transmission rate. Due to the slow start of China's electric power communication network, the relevant research still needs to be improved. In addition, as the structure of power communication network becomes more complex and the business needs become more abundant, the performance of communication network load needs to be optimized. In this context, based on the development status of power communication network, the author analyzes the complex network theory, topology and static characteristics, robustness and vulnerability performance for the realization of load balancing, in order to provide relevant reference for the realization of load balancing.


Load Balancing; Power Communication; Network Optimization; Strategic Research