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Design and Simulation of Construction Machinery System Based on Fuzzy Pid Control

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.104


Tian Qiaoyu

Corresponding Author

Tian Qiaoyu


in the Continuous Process of China's Modernization, Construction Machinery Has Always Played an Important Role. One of the Effective Measures to Improve the Technical Performance of Construction Machinery is to Increase the Utilization of Computer Technology and Control Technology. with the Characteristics of High Stability, Simple Operation and Strong Reliability, Pid Technology is Widely Used in the Current Construction Machinery Control System. However, Due to the Lack of on-Line Parameter Setting Function of Conventional Pid Controller, When the System Error is Large, the Control Effect is Not Good. in View of This, This Paper Uses the Fuzzy Pid Control Program to Simulate, and Compares with the Conventional Pid, and Finds That the Fuzzy Pid Control Has Stronger Fault Tolerance and More Stable Control Performance.


Fuzzy Pid; Mechanical System; Design; Simulation