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Multiplicative Model and Filtering of Speckle Image in Lidar System

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.103


Sun Dan, Zhou Zhimin

Corresponding Author

Sun Dan


with the Continuous Improvement of Science and Technology in China, Laser Imaging Technology Has Been Widely Used in Medical, Military, Shipping and Rescue. But At the Same Time, in the Laser Imaging Radar System, the Existence of Speckle Image Makes the System Image Input Noisy, So It is Difficult to Retain the Image Edge Information. Therefore, Based on the Analysis of the Speckle Image Multiplication Model of the Lidar System, the Homomorphic Filter is Used to Denoise the Speckle Contaminated Image. the Results Show That the Multiplication Model of Homomorphic Filter Can Eliminate Speckle Image Very Well.


Filtering; Multiplicative Model; Lidar System; Speckle Image