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The Study on Block Compound Matrix Inclusion Region of Inhomogeneous Block Eigenvalue under Bipartition

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.102


Hou Fangbo

Corresponding Author

Hou Fangbo


Matrix Eigenvalues Have Important Application Value in Modern Scientific Research and Engineering Calculation. Studying the Matrix Eigenvalue Calculation Method and Giving Its Corresponding Inclusion Domain Helps Matrix Analysis. Based on This, This Paper Briefly Summarizes the Distribution of Eigenvalues of the Block Composite Matrix, the Eigenvalue Inclusion Domain and So on. in the Research Process, the Concept of Block Composite Matrix and Block Composite Matrix Eigenvalues is Introduced. the Domain Eigenvalues of the Block Eigenvalues of the Bipartition Complex Matrix Are Studied to Provide a Reference for the Study of the Bipartition Composite Matrix.


Bipartition; Block Eigenvalue; Inclusion Domain; Block Composite Matrix