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Millimeter Wave Massive Mimo Array Design for 5G

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.098


Xingqing Li

Corresponding Author

Xingqing Li


with the Official Commercialization of the Fifth Generation Mobile Communication, the 5g-Oriented Massive Mimo Antenna System Plays an Important Role. the Mm-End is the Main Band for 5g Network Deployment Choices Due to Its Wide Frequency Band, Short Wavelength, High Resolution and High Precision. in View of This, This Paper First Analyzes the Main Features and Development Status of Massive Mimo, and Analyzes the Necessity of Optimizing the Millimeter Wave Massive Mimo Array Design. on This Basis, the Deployment of Massive Mimo Matrix is Further Carried out in Three Aspects: Network Planning, Network Operation and Maintenance, and Network Configuration. Finally, the Paper Designs a 5g Millimeter-Wave Massive Mimo Array and Performs Simulation Calculations. the Results Show That the Designed Array Can Effectively Achieve the Gain Effect.


5g; Millimeter Wave; Massive Mimo; Array Design