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Application Model for the Internet of Things in Government Statistics

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.096


Lianli Guo

Corresponding Author

Lianli Guo


as an Important Part of the Emerging Information Technology, the Internet of Things (Iot) Integrates Information, Communication, Sensors, Automatic Control and Other Technologies. At Present, the Internet of Things Technology Has Been Successfully Applied to a Variety of Service, Industrial and Consumer Markets, and Gradually Extended to the Field of Government Statistics, Bringing Innovative Opportunities for Collection Means and Processing Methods during Operations. Aiming At the Integration of the Internet of Things and Government Statistics, Starting from Analysis on Basic Framework of Iot, This Paper Generalizes about Perception Layer, Transmission Layer, Support Layer and Application Layer of the Internet of Things, and Puts Forward the Application Mode of the Internet of Things for Data Collection, Aggregation, Processing and Services in Government Statistics. Consequently, a Government Statistical Architecture Integrating Technical Features of the Internet of Things, Application of Massive Data and Operation of Government Statistics is Formed.


Internet of Things; Government Statistics; Application Mode; Architecture