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Research on Ciphertext Query Method of Searchable Encrypted Database Based on Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.090


Chen Mingdong

Corresponding Author

Chen Mingdong


in Recent Years, with the Rapid Development of Computer Technology, the Application Process of Cloud Computing Technology is Also Advancing. At Present, Cloud Computing Has Been Widely Used in Related Technology Industries, Providing Information Services for Many Users. However, Because the Data is Stored in the Cloud Server, the Authorized Users Are Limited by the Encryption Database Key When They Acquire the Data, So They Cannot Achieve Efficient Query. Based on This, This Paper Studies the Ciphertext Query of Searchable Encrypted Database, and Proposes Keyword Query, Public Key Encryption Query, Semantic Association Keyword Ciphertext Query and Other Ways, Hoping to Make the Search More Effective and Improve the Data Utilization Rate.


Cloud Computing; Encrypt Database; Ciphertext Query; Method Study