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Task Scheduling Method Based on Dynamic Queue and Hybrid Meta Heuristic Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.089


He Fang

Corresponding Author

He Fang


Cloud Computing Has the Characteristics of Distributed Computing Storage, High Availability, Cost-Effective and So on. It Has Gradually Involved in Many Fields, Such as Medical Treatment, Network Security, Image Processing and So on. in the Cloud Computing Environment, the Optimization of Task Scheduling Method is One of the Core Contents of Current Scholars. in This Context, the Paper First Describes the Relevant Task Scheduling Algorithm in the Cloud Computing Environment. Secondly, the Model of Dynamic Queue and Mixed Meta Heuristic Algorithm is Constructed to Optimize the Task Scheduling Calculation Method. Finally, the Paper Points out the Detailed Execution Process of Task Scheduling, in Order to Provide Useful Reference Experience and New Problem-Solving Ideas for the Follow-Up Algorithm Research.


Cloud Computing Environment; Dynamic Queues; Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Algorithms; Mission Mobility Methodology