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Simulation Research on Iterative Detection of Abnormal Attack Characteristics in Optical Fiber Communication Network

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.086


Fan Yu

Corresponding Author

Fan Yu


as an Important Communication Tool for Social Production and Life, Optical Fiber Communication Network is Conducive to the Further Development of Society. However, Due to Network Anomaly Attacks, Communication Tools Will Be Paralyzed, and Then Unable to Work. in This Context, It is of Great Significance to Explore the Specific Ways of Abnormal Attacks in Optical Fiber Communication Networks and to Provide Detection Methods. Therefore, This Paper First Analyses Two Ways of Anomaly Attack in Optical Fiber Communication Network, and Then Discusses the Iterative Detection Process and Simulation Scheme of Anomaly Attack in Optical Fiber Communication. the Results Show That the Iterative Detection Algorithm Has a Good Effect, and Has a Good Application Prospect in Real Life.


Optical Fiber; Communication Network; Iterative Detection; Anomaly Attack; Simulation Research