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Analysis on the Physical Health and Promotion of Adolescents from the Perspective of Healthy China

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.085


Zhong Jingshun

Corresponding Author

Zhong Jingshun


Health is the Basis of the Development and Progress of Human Society. It is Also the Common Aspiration of the Chinese People. Promoting the Physical Health of Adolescents is an Important Part of the Strategy of “Healthy China”. Although the Overall Situation of the Physical Health of Chinese Adolescents Has Been Improved, the Physical Health of Adolescents Still Faces Many Problems Due to the Influence of Many Factors. Based on This, Based on the Analysis of Current Chinese Physical Health Status, This Paper Discusses the Main Causes of Adolescents' Physical Health from Three Aspects: Social Factors, School Factors and Family Factors, and Then Puts Forward Some Countermeasures to Promote the Physical Health of Adolescents, Such as Deepening the Reform of Physical Education in Schools and Attaching Importance to Family Sports Activities, in Order to Provide Some Reference for the Promotion of the Comprehensive Development of Young Students.


Healthy China; Teenagers; Physical Health; Factor; Promotion Strategy