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Effect of Quality Nursing Intervention on Atomization Inhalation Safety and Compliance in Children

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.075


Wang Haijuan, Chang Yanfen, Li Xiaoqing, Li Deli

Corresponding Author

Li Deli


Objective: to Analyze the Actual Impact of Quality Nursing Intervention on the Safety and Compliance of Children's Atomization Inhalation Therapy, Build a Harmonious Nursery-Patient Relationship, Further Improve the Nursing Service Level, and Boost the Sustainable Development of Modern Medical Cause. Methods: a Total of 100 Pediatric Patients Who Received Atomization Inhalation Therapy in Our Hospital from September 2018 to September 2019 Were Selected. after Communicating with Their Families, They Were Divided into Control Group and Study Group According to the Principle. 50 Children in Each Group Were Divided into Control Group and Study Group. the Therapeutic Effects of Atomization Inhalation Were Compared between the Two Groups, and Then the Therapeutic Compliance, Nursing Satisfaction and Incidence of Adverse Reactions Were Counted. Results: the Study Group Adopted High-Quality Nursing Intervention, Children Nebulization Inhalation Treatment Effect, Compliance, Nursing Satisfaction, Etc. Are Better Than Conventional Nursing Intervention in the Control Group of Children; the Incidence of Adverse Reactions Was 4.71% in the Study Group and 22.39% in the Control Group. Conclusion: after the High-Quality Nursing Intervention, the Atomization Inhalation Safety of Children is Higher, the Implementation of Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Becomes Efficient, and the Life Safety of Children Patients is Guaranteed. in Order to Provide Favorable Conditions for the Formation of Harmonious Nurse-Patient Relationship, the Hospital is Expected to Establish a Good Social Image.


Quality Nursing Intervention; Atomization Inhalation Therapy; Security and Compliance; Influence