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Analysis of Computer Application under Network Information Security Technology Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.072


Zhang Hongtao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hongtao


with the Rapid Development and Widespread Application of Network Computer Technology, Various Production Activities of Human Beings Also Depend on Network Computer Technology to Varying Degrees. No Matter in the Process of People's Life, Study and Work, They Will Be Directly or Indirectly Connected with Network Computer Technology. the Development of Network Resources Also Has an Important Impact on the Development of Various Sectors of Society. in This Environment, Network Information Technology Has Had a Certain Impact on Social Security and Has Received Widespread Attention from the State and Society. Based on This, This Paper First Gives a Brief Introduction to the Basic Concepts and Characteristics of Network Information Technology, and Then Deeply Analyzes the Functions of Network Information Technology on Computers and Some Problems Existing in the Application of Network Information Technology in Computers. Finally, the Relative Strategies of Network Information Technology in Computer Application Are Put Forward, Hoping to Effectively Improve the Security of Current Computers in Our Country.


Network Information Security; Computer Applications; Technical Analysis