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Research on Electrical Control System of Nc Machine Tool Based on Vector Control

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.070


Li Nan

Corresponding Author

Li Nan


with the Continuous Development of Industrial Automation, the Application of Numerical Control Machine Tools is Becoming More and More Common. as an Important Part of Cnc Machine Tools, Electrical Control System Has a Decisive Influence on the Overall Performance of the Machine Tools. Numerical Control Technology is the Most Important Thing in Modern Manufacturing Industrialization. as the Industrial Foundation of a Country, Numerical Control Technology and Numerical Control Devices Will Directly Affect the Country's Industrial Development. the Rapid Development of Computer Technology and Its Application in the Field of Numerical Control Machining Have Greatly Promoted the Development Level of Mechanical Processing Technology Automation. the Design Should Be Standardized According to the Principle of Electrical Control, So That the Electrical Control System of the Designed Cnc Machine Can Ensure the Safe and Reliable Operation of the Cnc Machine. This Paper Analyzes the Power Control System of Cnc Machine Tools Based on the Vector Control Method, and Provides Suggestions for Promoting the Sustainable Fear of Power Systems.


Automation; Cnc Machine Tools; Electrical Control; Vector Control