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On Application of Computer Network Security Technology in Network Security Maintenance

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.064


Li Xiuping

Corresponding Author

Li Xiuping


In the information age, network technology has become the key technology of social development and people’s daily life. The development of various walks of life and people’s work and life can not be separated from the application of network technology. However, in the process of the development and application of computer network technology, people has gradually paid more and more attention to the problem of network security. If we can not effectively solve the problem of network security, it will directly affect people’s work and life, which are related to information security. Therefore, this paper first introduces the security requirements of computer network; and then, it discusses the significance of the application of computer network security technology and the influencing factors of network security on the basis of analyzing the security problems existing in the process of network development at present; at last, it puts forward the effective application strategy of computer network security technology, hoping to provide a reference for the improvement of network security of China in the future.


Computer Network; Security Technology; Network Security Maintenance; Application