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Research on Color Control Technology in Color Management of Printing Process Based on Application Software

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.062


Gangneng Chen

Corresponding Author

Gangneng Chen


Color-Based Management Technology is One of the Core Supporting Technologies for the Development of Modern Printing Technology. According to Its Application and Development in Printing, It is Divided into Icc Color Management Technology, Color Management Technology Based on Color Appearance Model, and Color Management and Replication Technology Based on Spectrum. the Management and Control of Color Has Always Been the Most Important Issue. Color Management Can Provide a Consistent and High-Quality Color Regeneration Mechanism for Various Devices and Platforms. This Paper Introduces the Whole Process Color Management of Printing Based on Icc, and Points out That the Key of the Whole Process Color Management of Printing Lies in the Standardization and Standardization of Printing Production, the Digital Transmission of Color Information, and the Automatic Detection and Correction of Color in the Printing Process. Therefore, in the Use of Color Management Technology, We Should Correctly Understand It, and Control the Key Points of Color Management, So as to Achieve What We See is What We Get for the Printing Quality Assurance.


Color Management; Icc Color Management; Color Control; Color Management in Printing Process