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Application of Siemens Smart200 and S7-1200 Plc Complex Instructions in Industrial Automation

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.060


Li Na

Corresponding Author

Li Na


in the Information Age, Science and Technology Are of Great Importance to Improving the Level of Productivity and Promoting the Growth of the National Economy. in the Process of Comprehensively Promoting the Pace of Modern Industrial Construction, Plc Has Injected Power into the Realization of Industrial Automation Control. At Present, Plc Control Technology Has Been Widely Applied in the Field of Industrial Automation, Which Has Improved the Overall Level of Industrial Automation in Many Aspects. Plc Control Technology Has Become More and More Widely Used in Industry Due to Its Excellent Characteristics, Strong Technology, Wide Application Range and High Level of Science and Technology. Only by Clearly Understanding the Principle of Plc Control Technology and Its Application Performance, Can Plc Control Technology Be Better Applied in Industrial Automation. Based on Siemens Smart200 and S7-1200 Plc, This Paper Analyzes the Application of Plc in Industrial Automation and the Related Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to in the Application of Plc Control Technology in Industrial Automation, and Makes a Certain Prospect for the Development Trend of Plc Control Technology in the Application of Industrial Automation.


Plc; Control Technology; Industrial Automation; Development Trends