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Research on Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology Based on Computer Network Technology in Numerical Control System

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.056


Shan Yuxiang

Corresponding Author

Shan Yuxiang


with the Rapid Development of Economy and Society, the Standard of People's Demand for Computer Network is Constantly Improving. Computers Are Everywhere in Production and Life. Computer Network Technology is Gradually Developing from the Traditional Computer Era to Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Technology Has a Unique Effect When Dealing with Highly Nonlinear, Time-Varying and Uncertain Objects That Traditional Methods Based on Accurate Mathematical Models Cannot Be Very Effective. Based on Computer Network Technology, This Paper Proposes Several New Strategies and Models for Applying Artificial Intelligence Technology to Computer Numerical Control System . the Method Specifically Comprises the Following Steps: Adopting a Fuzzy Control Strategy to Control the Software Gain of the Position Loop of the Numerical Control System; Bp Neural Network is Used to Realize Interpolation Calculation of Non-Circular Curve Profile. Based on the Frame Concept of Expert System, an Expert System Model for Cnc Machine Tool (System) Maintenance Guidance is Constructed.


Computer Network; Artificial Intelligence; Numerical Control System