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The Research of Soil Moisture on Digital Monitoring System

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.054


Li Yunwei

Corresponding Author

Li Yunwei


Soil Moisture is the Most Important and Commonly Used Soil Information. It is the Basis of Scientific Control and Regulation of Soil Water Status for Water-Saving Irrigation, Scientific Use of Water and Irrigation Automation. the Rapid and Accurate Determination of Soil Moisture in Farmland is of Great Significance for the Determination of the Gain and Loss of Soil Moisture during the Growth and Development of Crops, So as to Make Irrigation, Fertilization Decisions or Drainage Measures. Therefore, the Monitoring of Soil Moisture is Indispensable in All Kinds of Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering Management, Agricultural Experiments, Agricultural Meteorology, Irrigation Management and Drought Monitoring. the Measurement of Soil Moisture Can Be Carried out by Using the Soil Moisture Monitoring Station Located At a Fixed Time.


Monitoring; Soil Moisture Content; Monitoring Platform