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Design of Intelligent Parking System Based on Laser Ranging

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.053


Liang Xiurong

Corresponding Author

Liang Xiurong


in Order to Alleviate the Shortage of Urban Parking Resources, Intelligent Parking Management Has Become a Hot Research Topic. the Traditional Method Has the Problems of Large Error and Long Response Time for the Laser Ranging in Parking. a Laser Ranging System for Intelligent Parking of the Internet of Things is Proposed. Design of the Overall Structure of the System of Pulse Laser Ranging, Laser Ranging Parking System is Divided into the Laser Emission Unit and a Receiving Unit, a Time Interval Measurement Part and Control Part, the Control Panel Aduc7026 is Set to the Core of the Design of Emission Driving Circuit; in the Receiving Unit of Photoelectric Converter and Amplifier Are Analyzed; and the Measurement Part the Time Interval in Detail, Reducing the Error Range to the Target Object, Improve the Accuracy of Laser Ranging, Laser Ranging System to Complete the Parking Network Design. the Experimental Results Show That the Proposed System Can Effectively Reduce the Distance Error and Reduce the Response Time of the Laser Range Finder System.


Receiving Unit; Intelligent Parking; Laser Range Finder; Time Interval Measurement