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Research on Online Monitoring System of Crop Growth Environment Based on 6lowpan Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.052


Kele Xu, Yanrong Liu

Corresponding Author

Kele Xu


in Order to Quickly and Comprehensively Obtain the Parameter Changes in the Process of Crop Growth, Meet the Demand for Information in Agricultural Production, and Improve the Grain Yield, a Crop Growth Parameter Monitoring System Based on 6lowpan Technology Was Designed and Developed. the System Adopts 6lowpan Architecture to Realize Point-to-Point Communication between the Internet and the Wireless Sensor Network. It Does Not Require a Specific Gateway for Protocol Conversion or Protocol Bearer, Thus Realizing Real-Time Monitoring and Control of the Agricultural Environment, Reducing Energy Consumption and Shortening Delay. Time. the System Uses Multiple Soil Moisture Sensors and Infrared Temperature Sensors to Perform a Full-Scale Real-Time Observation of the Environment and Conditions of Plant Growth. Each Observation Point Transmits the Data to the Monitoring Center through the 6lowpan-Based Wireless Network. the Monitoring Center Can Record and Analyze the Data, Evaluate the Growth Status of the Crop, and Timely Report the Evaluation Result to Relevant Users through Sms. Good Guide to the Purpose of Production. It Has Been Verified by Practice That the System Can Achieve Stable Data Transmission and is Suitable for Real-Time Monitoring of Crop Growth Parameters.


Crop Growth Parameters; 6lowpan; Real-Time Monitoring