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Kinematics Simulation Modeling and Implementation of Cnc Machine Tool Based on Fuzzy Extension Analytic Hierarchy Process

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.050


Wenqiang Wei

Corresponding Author

Wenqiang Wei


the Choice of Cnc Machine Tools is a Multi-Level, Multi-Factor and Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators Coexisting. Considering the Ambiguity of Decision-Makers' Decision-Making, a Solution to Multi-Objective Decision-Making Problem Based on Fuzzy Ahp is Proposed. in Order to Quantitatively Evaluate the Remanufacturing of Electromechanical Products, an Index System and Mathematical Model for Remanufacturing Evaluation of Electromechanical Products Are Constructed. This Method Determines the Weighting Coefficients of All Levels of Evaluation Indicators and Ranks Them by Extension Analytic Hierarchy Process. Substituting Specific Values to Establish a Judgment Matrix Solves the Problem That the Subjective Judgment Ambiguity is Ignored, and the Matrix Naturally Obeys the Consistency Condition. on This Basis, the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method is Adopted to Make a Scientific and Reasonable Evaluation of the Remanufacturability of Electromechanical Products.


Cnc Machine Tool; Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process; Fuzzy Complementary Judgment Matrix