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The Superposition Relationship between Cultural Phenomena and Geographical Environment Based on Gis Spatial Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.049


Zhan Lei

Corresponding Author

Zhan Lei


with the Continuous Improvement of the Comprehensive Management Level of Cultural Phenomena, the National Pattern is a Geographical Phenomenon with Historical Attributes. Ethnic Studies Are Characterized by Returning to the Perspective of Local Historical Studies and Ethnic Relations Closely Related to Geographical Environment. They Often Become the Intersection of History and Geography, and Should Be an Important Research Field of Historical Geography. This Paper Studies the Ethnic Pattern of Tibetan Yi Corridor and Han Corridor by Using Gis Technology, Which Can Not Only Describe the Relationship between Them and Geographical Space, But Also Reflect the Process of Ethnic Migration. the Introduction of Gis Technology into the Cultural Phenomenon Resource Information Management Can Not Only Provide the Cultural Phenomenon Resource Management Department with an Intuitive Visual Means of Information Acquisition, So That the Relevant Business Departments Can Easily and Quickly Understand the Cultural Phenomenon Resource Information within the Scope of Cultural Phenomenon. We Can Also Put the Management Concept and Implementation of Cultural Phenomenon Resources on the Superposition of Geographical Environment Information to Effectively Improve the Management Level and Efficiency of Cultural Phenomenon Areas.


Gis Spatial Analysis; Cultural Phenomenon; Geographical Environment; Ethnic Pattern