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Application Strategy of Electrical Automation Technology in Power System Operation

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.047


Qingfeng Yang

Corresponding Author

Qingfeng Yang


Global Power Generation Technology, Transmission Technology and Power System Scheduling Technology Are Progressing with the Construction Strategy of Related Systems and the Research and Development of Advanced Power Equipment. Electrical Automation Technology is the Key Technology of Power System Operation, Which Not Only Ensures the Stability of Power System Operation, But Also Improves the Intelligence of Power System Operation. in This Paper, Based on the Development of Electrical Automation Technology, Its Application Strategy in Power System Operation Will Be Analyzed. in This Paper, the Advantages and Development Direction of Electrical Automation Technology Will Be Analyzed, and Its Application Scheme in Power System Will Be Pointed out.


Electrical Automation Technology; Power System; Electrical Equipment; Stability; Intelligence