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Application Analysis of Electric Automation Technology in Power Dispatching

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.045


Zhuohong Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhuohong Liu


with the Continuous Improvement of the Intelligent Level of Power System, Power System Automation and the Integration of Power Grid Regulation and Control Require More and More Power Dispatching. with the in-Depth Development of Computer Technology and Internet Technology, a Large Number of New Technologies Are Integrated into the Power Dispatching Automation System. At the Same Time, the Rapid Development of Electrical Automation Technology Also Makes the Function of Power Dispatching System and Security Has Developed by Leaps and Bounds. in Order to Obtain a More Reliable and Secure Power Dispatching Automation System, This Paper Will Take a Substation as an Example, Based on the Electrical Automation Technology, Put Forward a Set of Upgrading Scheme for the Existing Dispatching System. in Terms of Technical Support, This Paper Mainly Involves the Selection of Relevant Technical Standards, the Selection of Master Station Operating System, and the Selection of Database and Functional Modules. At the Same Time, This Paper Also Fully Considers the Security Requirements of Master Station Dispatching System Data.


Electrical Automation Technology; Power Dispatching; Computer Technology; Internet Technology; Technical Standard