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Simulation Optimization of the Painting Production Line Based on Plant Simulation

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.042


Jidong Teng, Yongcan Piao, Dawei Huang, Wei Ai, and Yu Huang

Corresponding Author

Yu Huang


in Order to Solve the Problems of Insufficient Production Capacity and Lack of Buffer Blockage in y company’s Painting Production Line, Researchers Carried out a Field Research and Collected Data on the Overall Layout, Process Flow and Equipment Parameters of the Production Line. the Simulation Model of Painting Production Line Was Established by Using the Plant Simulation Software. by Analyzing the Simulation Data Output, Causes of Insufficient Production Capacity Were Found to Provide Optimization Solutions and Measures. Comparing with the Results Before Optimization, the Capacity of the Optimized Painting Production Line Was Significantly Improved; the Buffer Blocking Was Reduced to Varying Degrees. the Research Provides y Company with Technical Supports in Making Effective Decisions on the Production Organization Management.


Simulation; Painting Production Line; Plant Simulation