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Visualized Analysis of Web of Science Documents on General Practice Based on Citespace

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.041


Jian Huang, Dongling Liang and Zhongheng Wei

Corresponding Author

Jian Huang


the Aim of This Paper is to Understand the Evolution Route and the Research Front of General Practice in Medical Health, Health Service and Community Health. the Paper Used the Citespace 5.2 Software and the Web of Science Database as the Search Source; the Key Words Included “General Practice”, “Medical and Health Services” and “Community Health Services”. Core Papers on General Practice Published on the Web of Science Were Searched and Sorted out; Statistical Analysis Was Carried out. through the Spatial Map, the Key Words Co-Occurrence Map and the Time Sequence Map of Research Front, Current Hot Spots on General Practice, Medical and Health Services and Community Public Services Researches Were Revealed in an Intuitive Way. It is Found That the Research of General Practice Mainly Focuses on the Provision of Basic Medical and Health Services, the Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Diseases and Chronic Diseases, as Well as the Management of Community Public Health. General Practice is Developing in the Direction of Benefiting the People. the General Practice Share out the Work with Other Departments Providing Medical and Health Service and Cooperate with Them.


General Practice; Research Front; Research Hotspot; Citespace; Knowledge Mapping