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Application of Big Data in Smart City Research and Planning

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.039


Yongyan Guo

Corresponding Author

Yongyan Guo


with the Development and Progress of the Times, Urban Planning and Construction Should Also Keep Pace with the Development of the Times, Reflecting Strong Characteristics of the Times, Specific Regional Characteristics and Unique Cultural Atmosphere. with the Support of Modern Information Technology, Big Data Technology is Widely Used in Urban Planning and Construction. At Present, Many Fields Use Big Data Analysis and Statistics to Plan the Development Direction and Way of the City Itself, and the Intelligent City Cannot Be Separated from the Support of Urban Planning and Other Information Content in the Development Process, So We Should Use Big Data Technology to Build the Smart City, So as to Continuously Improve the Level of Urban Construction, Create a More Comfortable and High-Quality Living Environment for People, and Promote Urban Construction the Overall Development of the Design.


Big Data; Smart City; Planning and Design; Effective Application