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Wireless Sensor Communication Link Optimization Based on Quantitative Analysis of Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.037


Wang Suling

Corresponding Author

Wang Suling


the Abnormal Behavior Detection and Evaluation Standards for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes May Lead to Inconsistency, Packet Loss and Malicious Attack Delay. a Communication Link Optimization Strategy Based on the Quantitative Analysis of Random and Floating Cloud Computing is Proposed. Quantitative Analytical Monitoring Interaction of Adjacent Random and Asymmetric Cloud Computing, Calculation of Direct and Indirect Trust Values of Data Sent by Each Sending Node, Data Communication Process, in Order to Optimize the General Trust Values Generated by Synthesis Rules. in the Simulation Experiment, the Optimization Strategy is Useful, There Are Malicious Data Fast and Effective Data, Wireless Communication Efficiency, Energy Saving, Large-Scale Data Transmission and Stable Convergence and Accuracy Can Be Identified, Which Can Be Guaranteed.


Wireless Sensor Network; Communication; Trust Value; Cloud Computing