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The Application of Virtual Reality and Simulation Technology in Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.034


Xiao Youmin

Corresponding Author

Xiao Youmin


Objective to Explore the Application Strategy and Development Direction of Virtual Reality Technology in Public Environment Design. Methods Starting from the Advent of Computer and Virtual Reality Technology, This Paper Analyzes the Many Changes Brought by Virtual Reality Technology to People's Life, Then Analyzes the Internal Part of Virtual Reality Technology, Explores Its Basic Concept, Basic Characteristics and Basic Composition, on This Basis, Summarizes the Important Role of the Combination of Virtual Reality Technology and Public Environment Design, and Concludes That It Can Break the Time. the Limitation of Space and Space Can Make Up for the Deficiency of Environmental Art Creation, Avoid the Potential Threat Brought by Practical Operation, Improve the Accuracy of Project Cost Budget and Other Practical Effects. Finally, the Author Puts the Foothold in the Public Environment Such as Museum, Urban Architecture, Classical Garden and So on, and Explores the Specific Application Path of Virtual Reality Technology. Conclusion Virtual Reality is the Product of the High Development of Computer Technology. the Combination of Virtual Reality and Public Environment Design Realizes the Integration of Science and Technology and Art, Makes the Environmental Art Design More Accurate and Humanized, and Fully Displays the Charm of Environmental Art.


Virtual Reality Technology; Public Environment Design; Integration