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Statistical Evaluation of Dissolution of Solid Pharmaceutical Preparations in Vitro

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.033


Wu Yunjie, Xu Ke

Corresponding Author

Wu Yunjie


Objective to Investigate the in Vitro Dissolution Calculation Method of Solid Pharmaceutical Preparations. Methods There Are Five Methods for Dissolution Evaluation: Probability Unit Method, Weibull Method and Gompertz Method, Logarithmic Curve Method and Exponential Mode Method. in This Study, Three Different Prescriptions Were Calculated during the Development of Corrosion Inhibitors, and the Foreign Preparations of the Same Variety Were Selected as Control Drugs to Complete the in Vitro Dissolution Calculation. Results No. 1 Drug Similarity Factor Was Below 50; No. 2 Drug and No. 3 Drug Were between 50 and 100. Conclusion the in Vitro Dissolution Can Accurately Reflect the Pharmacokinetics of the Drug and the Bioavailability of the Drug, Which Can Provide a Basis for Clinical Rational Drug Use, and It is Worthy of Popularization and Application.


Dissolution; in Vitro Experiment; Similarity Factor Method