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Research on Virtual Reality Roaming System Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.028


Yan Zhao, Guixia Zhang, Shufang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhao


in Recent Years, the Research and Application of Virtual Reality Technology Have Developed Rapidly. It is a New Technology Involving Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Technology, Human-Computer Interface Technology and Many Other Fields, and Has Broad Application Prospects. in This Paper, Stereoscopic Image Technology and Virtual Roaming Technology Are Integrated and Realized in Mobile Terminals, Which Exactly Accords with the Above Characteristics of Mobile Virtual Reality Technology. under This Platform, a Function Module of Visual Editing Path and System Simulation to Enhance the Reality of the Scene Are Developed Focusing on the Custom Path Roaming Mode Commonly Used in Large Projection Surface Immersion Environment. When the Scene Model is Very Complex, the Real-Time and Accuracy of the Scene Display in the Virtual Roaming Process Become Irreconcilable Contradictions. At This Time, the Scene Model Management Becomes Very Necessary. the Technology Means of Product Design and Development Using Various Technology Types Such as Stereo Image Technology, Artificial Intelligence Technology and Virtual Reality Technology Can Also Be Called Mobile Virtual Reality Technology. At Present, Mobile Virtual Reality Technology Has Become a Cross Platform, Multi-Disciplinary, High Heat Technology Research Field.


Artificial Intelligence; Virtual Reality; Roaming