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Image Signal Processing Based on Image Sensing Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.026


Bihong Lin, Xuelan Feng

Corresponding Author

Bihong Lin


with the Rapid Development of Computer Technology, Image Processing Technology is Also Rising and Has Been Applied in Many Fields. with the Dual Support of Computer Technology and Network Technology, the Current Video Surveillance System Has Developed into an All-Digital Surveillance Era Based on Ip Network and Entered the Third Generation of All-Digital Network Video Surveillance Era. All Digital Image Signal Processing Equipment, Such as Video Monitoring, Which We See in Our Daily Life, Will Be Limited and Affected by Weather, System Itself and Other Factors, and the Image Signal Processing Effect is Often Not the Best. People Have Higher and Higher Requirements for the Quality of Monitoring Image. to Improve the Practical Value of Monitoring Image Has Become a New Requirement for the Whole Monitoring Industry. in This Paper, the Basic Functions and Features of Image Signal Processing under Image Sensing Technology Are Analyzed, and Some Basic Technical Realization is Discussed.


Digital Images; Image Sensing Technology; Signal Processing