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Construction of Psychological Crisis Prevention Mechanism Based on Association Rule Mining Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.025


Qing Xie

Corresponding Author

Qing Xie


the Psychological Crisis of Students is an Important and Urgent Topic in the School Mental Health Education. the Psychological Crisis of College Students Not Only Directly Affects the Physical and Mental Health of Individual College Students, But Also Plays a Very Important Role in the Stability of the Whole School. the Formation of College Students' Psychological Crisis Has Its Own, Family, School, Society and Other Reasons. Therefore, We Should Strengthen the Cultivation of College Students' Psychological Quality and Take Effective Measures to Construct the Prevention and Intervention System of College Students' Psychological Crisis. Association Rule Mining is to Mine Valuable Knowledge Describing the Correlation between Data Items from a Large Amount of Data. for Large Databases, There Are Problems Such as Too Long Execution Time of Algorithms. Apfiofi Algorithm is Analyzed and Discussed, and an Effective Association Rule Mining Algorithm Based on Apriofi Algorithm is Proposed. Finally, the Algorithm is Applied to the Evaluation Data of College Students' Mental Health, So That Relevant Functional Departments Can Effectively Formulate the Intervention Plan of College Students' Mental Crisis and Reduce or Eliminate the Crisis.


Association Rules; Apriofi Algorithm; Prevention of Psychological Crisis