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Research on Application of Firewall Technology in Computer Network Security Based on Data Mining

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.022


Chenglong Du

Corresponding Author

Chenglong Du


the Development of Computer Technology Has Greatly Promoted Social Progress. with the Continuous Popularization of Computer Technology, It Brings Convenience to People and Also Threatens People's Information Security. People's Dependence on the Network is Increasing Day by Day, and the Security of Computer Network Has Attracted Extensivel of Security Protection, But Also Creates a Safe and Reliable Operating Environment. Firewall Technology is an Effective Way to Maintain Computer Network Security, Making Computer Network Operation More Secure and Reliable. by Applying Firewall Technology in the Computer Network, the Firewall Settings Are Optimized, and the Application Advantages of the Firewall Technology Are Fully Utilized to Ensure the Security of the Computer Network.


Data Mining; Firewall; Computer Network