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Analysis of the Relation between Athletes'physical Ability and Technical and Tactical Play Based on Data Mining

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.019


Weiyao Liu

Corresponding Author

Weiyao Liu


for Competitive Sports, the Ultimate Goal of Sports Training is to Create Excellent Sports Results, and the Physical Fitness of Athletes is the Most Basic and Controllable Factor to Improve Competitive Ability. with the Accumulation of Test Data, It Has Become More and More Difficult to Manage and Analyze the Test Data of Athletes by Manual Processing. It is Particularly Important to Solve the Problem of Athletes'physical Training Scientifically and Correctly Handle the Relationship between Physical Training and Technical and Tactical Training. Only through the Correct and Reasonable Use of Sports Techniques and Tactics Can the Physical Training Level Be Brought into Full Play and the Physical Training Level Obtained Can Be Fully Displayed on the Field. Data Mining is the Process of Extracting Valuable Knowledge from a Large Amount of Data by Using Machine Learning Methods. in This Paper, the Classification and Association Rules in Data Mining Are Used to Analyze the Relationship between Athletes' Physical Fitness and Their Skills and Tactics.


Competitive Sports; Sports Training; Physical Fitness; Technology and Tactics; Data Mining