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Design and Implementation of a New Wireless Remote Control Cipher Lock System Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.016


An Sha

Corresponding Author

An Sha


This Paper Mainly Focused on the Theoretical and Practical Application of a New Wireless Remote Control System. This Article Mainly Includes the Following Content: According to the Requirements of the Project is Proposed to Scm as the Central Processor, the Short Distance Wireless Remote Control Technology and Electronic Password Lock System by Combining the Technology of Solution, Gives the Hardware Circuit Design and Software Structure Are Described in Detail in the System Hardware Circuit Design Elements and Structure as Well as the Software Design Points, and Give the Various Important Subroutine Flow Chart. in This Paper Presents a with Four Data Bits of the Encoding and Decoding Chip to Complete the 12 Data Transmission Design Method and Gives Details of the Design Method and Principle of That and the Specific Design of the Electric Jump At the Same Time, This Paper Presents a Unique Hardware Reset Circuit, Gives the Detailed System Anti Interference Measures and the System Energy Conservation Measure. in This Paper, the Design of the Circuit and Control Method is Applied to the Design of the Single Chip Microcomputer System, the Hardware and Software Are Also Practical and Universal.


Single Chip Microcomputer; At89c52; Wireless Remote Control; Radio Frequency; Ook Modulation