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Key Technology and Application Analysis of Integrated Big Data Platform of Smart Power Plant

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.015


Changjun Yu

Corresponding Author

Changjun Yu


in the Future, the Development of Information Technology in the Power Industry is Inseparable from the Construction of Smart Power Plants. the Core of Smart Power Plant Construction is to Establish an Integrated Big Data Platform in the Electric Field to Realize Intelligent Processing of Various Information in the Electric Field. by Analyzing the Development Trend of the Power Industry, It Can Be Found That Data Information and Data Sources Occupy a Large Proportion of the Information Resources of the Power Industry. Only an Integrated Big Data Platform Can Be Established, and Efficient Data Processing and Calculation Can Be Realized to Ensure the Accuracy of Data Information. . in the Process of Practice, This Integrated Platform Can Provide Many Conveniences for Enterprise Data Processing.


Data; Integrated Platform; Power Plant