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Design of Translation Training System Supported by Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.013


Xia Zhang, Minghui Tong

Corresponding Author

Xia Zhang


The application of artificial intelligence language service products brings great challenges and opportunities to language teaching in colleges and universities: it promotes the innovation of teaching model; changes the learning mode of students; and changes the basic functions of teachers. The translation training mode in the context of artificial intelligence should be constructed from the following aspects: corpus-based artificial intelligence translation training teaching; robot-based artificial intelligence college English translation teaching; artificial intelligence college English writing teaching based on correction network; artificial intelligence based on cloud service College English translation teaching. This paper analyzes the principle and development status of current artificial intelligence translation products, and tries to explore the enlightenment that new technology brings to translation teaching. Especially in translation teaching, the translation corpus needs to be built. The research designed a set of translation training system supported by artificial intelligence, which made the translation teaching conform to the requirements of the times and improved the efficiency of translation training.


Artificial intelligence; Translation teaching; Corpus