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Research on the Creation of English-Chinese Database in the Perspective of Big Data Driven Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.012


Fei Yuan

Corresponding Author

Fei Yuan


The corpus is a computer-aided language learning tool that truly reflects the whole picture of language in terms of pronunciation, semantics and pragmatics, and has great potential for promoting college English teaching. The corpus is actually based on the effective use of discourse fragments and text, to build a rich electronic library of text. The specific application of corpus data-driven learning mode in college English vocabulary teaching includes: the student's self-learning as the main process feature, based on the corpus to define the key vocabulary phrases, the real language as the main language input, emphasizing the learning process of exploration and discovery, advocate the use of inductive bottom-up learning methods and take concrete measures in teaching.


Corpus; Data-driven learning; Creation