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Big Data Secure Storage Privacy Protection Scheme Based on Homomorphic Encryption Mechanism

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.011


Kun Qi

Corresponding Author

Kun Qi


With the rapid development of Internet technology, massive amounts of data are generated all the time on the network. Data storage security and privacy protection are major security challenges for big data. In the era of big data, most of the data is distributed storage and stored in multiple independent sites. The typical data encryption algorithm is not suitable for the security data related to big data background, so the homomorphic encryption technology can be used for data. Storage security and privacy protection. However, the existing homomorphic encryption technology based on the public key cryptosystem has high computational complexity, and is not suitable for the case where the number of users is large, the amount of calculation is large, and there is no trusted cloud center. This paper first expounds the definition of homomorphic encryption algorithm and the theory of big data privacy protection, and introduces the research status of homomorphic encryption algorithm and the protection of big data security storage privacy. Aiming at this problem, the homomorphic encryption technology is improved. By using the advantages of good security performance and low computational complexity, a big data security storage privacy protection scheme based on homomorphic encryption algorithm is proposed. The algorithm is theoretically analyzed and experimentally prove. Compared with the prior art, the method has its advantages in terms of privacy protection and computing performance.


Homomorphic encryption; Privacy protection; Big data; Security protection