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Design and Implementation of Enterprise Information Based on Vpn Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.005


Dianhua Wang, Feng Wen, Siping Hu

Corresponding Author

Siping Hu


With the advent of the information age, information technology is accelerating, and the data formats transmitted by the network are becoming more and more abundant, such as the data formats and contents of voice and video are becoming more and more abundant. Network data services cover almost all areas, sectors and regions of society as a whole. As society's demand for network continues to grow, companies are proposing new and higher data security requirements for their company's network performance, and paying more attention to network flexibility, scalability, and economics when building their own corporate networks. Practicality. Under this background, this paper mainly provides a reference value for the networking scheme of mobile communication office information through the analysis of the networked deployment of mobile information office information, combined with the characteristics of private network and VPN network. Mainly for the application of VPN remote access network and the traditional way to remotely access the network to compare the specific advantages, highlighting the advantages of using VPN for remote access to the network, the VPN is applied to enterprise office information.


Vpn; Data security; Scalability; Remote access