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Seismic Response Analysis of Indoor Engineering Structures Based on Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.003


Yuanjing Zhao, Wei Tang

Corresponding Author

Yuanjing Zhao


In order to improve the computational efficiency of seismic response analysis of super-large engineering structures, a scheme of using cloud server to carry out numerical simulation of seismic response is proposed. Based on ten cent cloud and other cloud computing environments, this paper introduces the feasibility of cloud computing for structural seismic response analysis, and explains the construction of cloud computing environment. Open Sees and other software are used to analyse and compare the computing efficiency of different free degree and different size examples in cloud platform and local computing environment. Results the computing performance of the cloud platform is comparable to that of the local computing environment, and it can replace the local computing environment for seismic response analysis. Computing efficiency can be greatly improved by using cloud platform to process computing tasks in parallel. Conclusion cloud server has the characteristics of high computing efficiency, flexible setting and low cost in the numerical simulation of seismic response of engineering structures, and has a good development prospect.


Cloud computing; Indoor; Engineering structure; Earthquake; Response analysis