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Application Research of Object-Oriented Design Technology in Interior Design Cad

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DOI: 10.25236/ISMHI.2019.002


Ran Yin

Corresponding Author

Ran Yin


Object-oriented secondary development, and object-oriented technology is applied in the development of CAD system, starting from the requirements, with the object as the basic concept, through the determination of object, decomposition and classification, establish the corresponding object diagram is used to analyze the object oriented system. Through Abstraction and Abstractdata structure, describes the system properties, be made of the object hierarchy, form the semantic description of the problem domain integrity, complete CAD system model is designed, using an object-oriented programming language such as c + +) is to set up model into computer acceptable form, complete the programming, realize the secondary development. At present, in the open architecture of CAD system, the object-oriented technology is the main form of the API. The function of the system, data and interface exposed to the user in the form of objects, because there are a lot of object oriented programming tool, make use of these tools development applications, can be accessed through the object's properties and actions and control system.


Object-oriented design; Interior design; Cad; Sketchup